“Adopting a rescue puppy is a huge commitment, especially when their start in life has been farrory from ideal and every day brings new behavioural challenges. Thankfully, with your guidance and ongoing support, we have been able to work through Rory’s issues, even when at times things were pretty tough. We now have a much more balanced young man who we would not be without. Thank you so much again.”
L Thrussell, Buckinghamshire (Lurcher Owner)

“Thank you so much for helping us understand the dynamics of the aggression problems we were experiencing and giving us the practical tools to move past them and gain the confidence to walk our dogs again safely and without worry.”
J Godwyn, Buckinghamshire (Tibetan Mastiff and Border Terrier Owner)

“I cannot thank you enough for not judging my girl by her ‘cover’ and believing in me and her enough, when other ‘trainers’ had failed, to work with us and help us turn things around. As you said, I will need to ‘keep on keeping on’ and continue to positively reinforce all the great changes she has made each and every day of her life. However, you have taught me to see each of those days, not as stressful and demanding, but as a real opportunity to keep on building an even stronger relationship and more balance”
C Gacon, Berkshire (Staffordshire Bull Terrier Owner)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us see that getting cross, stressed and dishing out punishment was not the way to go. Thank you so much for helping us unpick what we had unwittingly encouraged and set us on a path to a much calmer, happier way of being. Max continues to astound us with his turnaround in behaviour and willingness to learn and leave the past behind.”
G Riley, Hertfordshire (German Shepherd Owner)

“I’m finally allowed to sleep in bed with my wife again! Fizz is even quite friendly towards me these days. Thanks for restoring normality!”
B Davis, North London (Pekingese Owner)