Puppy Foundation Courses

PuppyWhen is the best time to start giving your new little bundle of joy the building blocks for a happy, well-adjusted family life? The sooner the better! I offer:

Pre-vaccination ‘Best Start’ Session

One-off home visit (2 hours)As well as providing the information and advice to help you give your pup the best start in life, your session can also be tailored specifically for you if you have any particular questions or areas you would like to address.

Post-vaccination ‘Puppy Foundation’ Course

Group sessions or 121 home visit sessions (8 weeks x 11/2 hours). Lots of fun while learning about:

  • Puppy development stages
  • How dogs learn
  • Socialisation, familiarisation and desensitisation and how to go about them
  • Why positive reinforcement is the most effective and safest method to train your dog
  • Important first commands such as sit, stay and recall to make life easy and keep you all safe
  • When is it play and when is it aggression?
  • Helping a nervous puppy
  • How to try and prevent future behaviour problems
  • Responsible dog ownership and legal obligations
  • Fun ideas to take training further

… and much more