Philosophy and Methodology

My philosophy is simple: dogs are dogs. We adopt them into a human world with dogtreatsenvironments, expectations and demands that they do not always understand. As their owners and caregivers, we control most things in their lives (when and what they eat, when and where they go to the toilet, when and where they go to bed, when and where they take exercise) and we tend to demand that they fit in with our human beliefs of what is right, wrong or acceptable in terms of behaviour. I believe that most dog behaviour issues arise simply out of insecurity and/or a wish to be safe and comfortable in situations or circumstances that they may not naturally choose for themselves. Forceful or confrontational methods of behaviour management or training are therefore unhelpful for a dog to learn new or unlearn unwanted behaviours or overcome any issues and help us build balanced and healthy relationships with our dogs.

Instead, by working with, rather than against, a dog’s instinctive psychology and truly seeking to understand the many subtle (and not so subtle) cues that a dog gives us when insecure or uncomfortable, we can build strong relationships with the respect, trust, control and affection we want.

I advocate the use of force-free, positive reinforcement methods when working with dogs, whether doing basic training or more serious behavior adjustment. These are the most effective, long-lasting, humane and safe methods. Positive does not mean without rules and boundaries though!

Many people worry that positive methods only work on small dogs with minor obedience issues, however, for those looking to effectively treat severe anxiety-driven issues and serious aggression cases, you must first understand why your dog is doing what they are doing – then you can work to address the root cause of the problem, not just curb the symptoms with force or punishment. Rather than only temporarily suppressing the dog’s instincts and reactions , when applied in the correct way, positive behaviour adjustment training can completely change the way a dog feels and behaves for life.