Education – FREE Dog Awareness / Bite Prevention Sessions for Local Schools

Many families have dogs and certainly many children benefit from owning a dog. Taking care of girl-with-doga dog helps a child learn to plan and be responsible, while exercising and playing with a dog is a great way to release excess energy and keep fit. A dog can also give a child unconditional love and someone to talk to. It is however, important to recognise the potential hazards of dog ownership and try to minimise risks where children are present.

From a dog’s point of view, children communicate very differently to adults; they cry, yell, shriek and run about unpredictably, so it is not surprising that dogs find it hard to understand children and even harder to tell them when they want to be left alone.

Research has shown that dog bites occur most frequently to children within their own homes or by dogs who are familiar to them. In addition, most of the child/dog interactions that result in bites are initiated by the child.

Educating children is the key to reducing this risk and it is vitally important for us to teach our children how to handle and behave around dogs, whether they have their own or not, because even the most mild mannered and well-behaved family pet or cute bundle of fluff in the park may react badly to being pulled around or stood on accidentally.

As a parent myself, I am passionate about educating children on how to interact safely with dogs and prevent dog bite incidents so offer sessions in local schools on a voluntary basis to provide fun, engaging, interactive and informative (but not too scary!) sessions for children aged 6 to 12 (and any teachers or parents who wish to come along!).

Just give me a call for more information or to book a session.